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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

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The first phone call you get notifying you that you’re the suspect of a criminal investigation is something you will never forget.  You know better than anyone that accusations of criminal misconduct can have ruinous consequences for you, your career, and your family.  Whether you’re a stay at home parent, established professional, or recent college graduate, the consequences of a criminal conviction are long lasting and can shatter a well deserved reputation earned over years of hard and faithful work. 

Finding the best criminal defense attorney is far from an easy task, but at Mercy Law PC, we’ve built our reputation by providing world class legal services to those accused of criminal misconduct.  We rely on our combined 10 years of experience, our exceptional relationships with the judges,  and our professional working relationship with the prosecutors of Georgia to provide you the special attention your case demands.

Whatever accusations you are facing, you can rest assured that we will do everything possible to secure a positive outcome while managing the criminal investigation process to preserve your reputation.  At Mercy Law PC, we labor to ensure that your reputation is protected from undue publicity, media attention, and false accusations.  Allegations of criminal misconduct can be career and reputation ending and a conviction could lead to heavy fines and years in prison.  The defense team at Mercy Law PC routinely defends those who are being investigated, accused of, or even convicted of federal crimes.  We will independently evaluate the charges against you and establish the best possible defense for you. 

Mercy Law PC  handles a range of crimes from traffic violations, misdemeanors and felony charges

Drug Possession and Distribution

Drug cases are incredibly complicated because they involve the entire range of local, state, and federal laws.  Federal prosecutors can take the lead or can allow local prosecutors to file criminal charges.  While federal prosecutors tend to focus on drug manufacturing, transportation, and international trafficking, local prosecutors still have the ability to pursue these charges.  If you’ve been targeted by a drug investigation, it is important that you act quickly to preserve your rights and options.

Drug Penalties

State and federal penalties for drug offenses are rightfully criticized as being unduly harsh. A drug conviction can follow you for life.  Even lower level drug offenses, like possession of a small quantity of drugs, can impact a person’s ability to access student loans, pursue security clearances, and continue working in their chosen profession.  With such extreme penalties, it is vital that you have independent representation to ensure that you are not the subject of an overzealous prosecutor.